China Logistics signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zheshang Bank


China Logistics and Zheshang Bank recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou。Li Hongfeng, chairman of China Logistics, and Zhang Rongsen, President of Zheshang Bank, witnessed the signing and held friendly talks on in-depth cooperation。Liu Cheng, chief accountant of China Logistics, and Jing Feng, Vice President of Zheshang Bank, signed the agreement on behalf of both sides。

Li Hongfeng, chairman of China Logistics, pointed out that China Logistics actively promotes the transformation and upgrading of logistics business, expands the service chain, and promotes the reduction of logistics costs in the whole society。Zheshang Bank takes the financial service to the real economy as its mission and responsibility, and hopes to take advantage of the financial innovation advantages of Zheshang Bank to jointly explore the road of financial innovation and development, promote the construction of modern circulation system, and jointly build a model of bank-enterprise cooperation industry。

Zhang Rongsen, President of Zheshang Bank, said that China's logistics shoulders the mission of "serving modern circulation, ensuring the national economy and people's livelihood", and hopes to take the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to continue to deepen exchanges between the two sides in supply chain finance, investment and financing business, cross-border finance, and financial company cooperation。Zheshangbank will formulate special financial service plans according to the characteristics of the logistics industry, and strive to provide better financial services to help traditional logistics to transform into smart logistics。


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It is worth mentioning that on March 29th,China logistics GroupThe opening ceremony of Finance Limited company was held in Beijing。The company is a non-bank financial institution approved by the Beijing Supervision Bureau of the State Financial Regulatory Administration, with a registered capital of 3 billion yuan, and belongs to China Logistics Group Co., LTD。

Finance company chairman said,The finance company will adhere to the guidance of party building and optimize corporate governance,Focus on the main responsibility, practice the original mission,Adhering to the professional, efficient, innovative, sharing business philosophy,Provide "four most", "four free" and "four provinces" services,Give full play to the functions of financial companies,Effectively guard against capital risks,Strive to become a first-class financial company,Effectively support the high-quality development of the Group。


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上海欧博足彩开户Established in 2016, Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is a third party with a registered capital of 30 million yuan物流Enterprise (3PLs)。Adhering to the service concept of "safety first, customer first, service for the best, price for the best, cooperation for win", we provide transportation, warehousing, distribution and other value-added services for enterprises。

 Transport service 

The company provides less load and vehicle transportation services within the national scope, the advantages are concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, East China to the national line, land transport plate with some vans, large trucks, air cushion vehicles (shock absorber), gas vehicles (environmental protection)。

 Warehousing service 

The company has large warehouses in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Chongqing, Sichuan and other six places, with a total area of 55000m³。Provide goods storage, inventory management, labeling, packaging, sorting and signing, picking up and packing, order fulfillment and other services。

 Delivery service 

At present, the company is mainly engaged in distribution services of trunk region and characteristic sector business, gradually promoting the distribution center of partial load, vigorously promoting the integrated service model of warehouse distribution, and striving to build a large-scale, intensive and automated distribution and distribution center。

 物流Value-added service 

Company focus on development物流Value-added services, according to customer needs to provide personalized, customized extended business, including logistics scheme design, product packaging, product assembly, loading and unloading services, label printing, return and maintenance after-sales service, collection, information consulting, etc。

Since its inception,欧博足彩开户According to their own advantages to develop market segments, through continuous polishing of business capabilities and service capabilities, has been inFast moving consumer goodsAuto parts and complete vehiclesElectronic accessoriesClothing, shoes and hatsSkin care and makeupFitness equipmentAnd other industries to form core competitiveness。In the context of the new era of logistics industry ushered in a new business model,欧博足彩开户Will be clearly positioned, intensive resources and rapid development, to provide advertisers with more refined and better transportation services。

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